About Wisflux

Wisflux Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2017 with a vision to represent itself as one of the leading companies in providing scalable and flexible software solutions & consulting.

At the initial phase, we emphasized on developing edtech solutions that can change the workflow process in the education & learning system.

We saw ourselves as a growing organization right from the beginning and we always believe in the potential of our team. Wisflux also started providing software & consultancy solutions to different industries to make their business go digital.

At present, Wisflux is not limited to a specific industry, we welcome all of you, who are looking for efficient software solutions.

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Our team
Chandraprakash Sharma
Engineering Manager & Founder
Yash Jangid
Software Engineer - Full Stack
Firoz Khan
Software Engineer - Full Stack
Laveesh Gupta
Software Engineer - Full Stack
Keshav Kabra
Software Engineer - Full Stack
Nishchay Jain
Software Intern - Front End & Digital Marketing

Our Culture

Wisflux believes in a culture, where work feels enjoyable and not just a TASK!!

Be at peace.

Wisflux doesn't believe in routine system existing everywhere. Our team works in a professional manner with the right mindset and satisfaction.

Adapt, evolve.

We work on solutions together and we always welcome innovative & creative inputs from every member of the team. It makes a difference for us.

Growth perspectives.

Wisflux was established with a vision that an organization's real growth is only when its members feel the growth in all aspects.

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